Local public institution, civil society organisation (association, NGO, foundation, etc.), sports federation and organisation (club, academy, league, etc.), private sector company, athletes... Sport en Commun lists a variety of services dedicated to project managers to help finance and support initiatives combining sport and development in Africa.

Browse available offers of funding and support

To give you a better overview of the different offers of funding and support that are available, go to our directory, which lists all the funding solutions available on the Sport en Commun platform (calls for projects, competitions, ongoing services, incubation, impact measurement, training, partnerships etc.).

The Solutions section allows you to filter the different offers available in order to identify those best suited to your search criteria.

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List a project for a funding or support application

In addition to the possibilities of applying for the various funding and support solutions relayed on the platform, you can also list a project spontaneously from your user space, by completing the dedicated form. We will analyse your request, refine the project with you before listing it and publishing it on the platform to give it more visibility with the relevant organisations. As soon as there is an interest in carrying out your project, we will put you in touch with the structure concerned and will be able to offer you support in order to optimise the course of the interactions carried out.

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Access the resources of the Sport en Commun community

Sport en Commun regularly relays the latest news on “sport and development” (press, events, training, etc.). The platform also offers you access to reports and studies on this theme, as well as testimonials, videos and interactive methodological guides with the aim of democratising the use of sport as a vector for development, mobilising the whole community and inspiring through sharing and feedback.

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As a project manager, you can also contribute to the promotion of new documentary resources for the benefit of the Sport en Commun community by sharing photos, videos, testimonials and feedback on the various actions you have undertaken.

For any sharing of audiovisual and written content for distribution on the Sport in Common platform, contact us through the messaging system in your account.



Photo credits : @UN-LoganAbassi @SergeBetsenAcademy @AFD/PlayInternational